Our dedicated memorial masonry team carry out a full grave-tending and grave maintenance service. This offers peace of mind to customers who have expressed a need to ensure that their loved ones’ graves are maintained to a high standard. All grave-tending visits include before and after photographic records of the condition of the grave for your records. Each memorial is regularly inspected and customers are notified at the earliest opportunity of any damage or remedial work required. We are happy to give a free quotation, and also offer discounts on more than one grave.

We offer four levels of service:
  • Bronze: Annual grave tending and grave maintenance service
  • Silver: Quarterly grave tending and grave maintenance service
  • Gold: Monthly grave tending and grave maintenance service
  • Christmas: An annual visit between 14th and 24th December, at which a 12” holly wreath is laid

Each grave-tending and grave maintenance visit will include:

  • Lightly cleaning the memorial with soap and water
  • Removing all dead flowers, plants and leaf litter
  • Cleaning and emptying all memorial pots
  • Trimming and edging grass
  • Lightly pruning any bushes and shrubs
  • Placing fresh seasonal flowers into an existing vase
  • Providing before and after photographs, with a written report on the condition of the memorial.

Additional grave-tending options include:

  • Replacement of vases and/ or flower holders
  • Planting of bulbs & seasonal plants
  • Adding top soil & Turfing work
  • Re-levelling of memorial, including anchoring
  • Replacement of chippings
  • Full chemical / mechanical cleaning
  • Full remedial work to the memorial, including leaded letters and re-gilding
  • Special requests for Christmas, including holly crosses, wreaths, posies, cushions and flower arrangements,
    including artificial plants and flowers

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