Lettering and Inscriptions

Lettering can be used to greatly enhance a memorial design. All lettering was originally created by hand cutting the letter.

The choice of typeface is almost as important as the epitaph itself. It depicts a style, whether it is classic, traditional, old-style contemporary. We can offer the choice of fonts shown on this page. Most of our lettering is sandblasted and is available in various colours:

Gold / Silver / Grey / White / Black / Natural (Stone Itself)

We can however, offer hand cut and lead lettering. Please ask for details.

Available Font with Derbyshire Memorials
See Inscription Examples

Memorial Inscription Ideas

Some people say the most important part of a memorial is the inscription or verse used.

To help give you some inspiration in composing an inscription for your loved ones memorial, we have assembled below a small collection of inscription and verse ideas. Please note that this is only a small selection and are only provided as an example.

  • In Loving Memory Of
  • Treasured Memories Of
  • Cherished Memories Of
  • Precious Memories Of
  • Remembered With Love
  • With Love We Remember
  • Precious Are The Memories Of
  • Loving Memories Of
  • Remembered Always
  • Beautiful Are The Memories Of

  • Died 21st November 2015 1998, Aged 64 Years
  • Passed Away 28th January 2015, Aged 58 Years
  • Fell Asleep 21st January 2017, Aged 84
  • Born Sleeping 9th Feb 2010
  • Who Passed Away 23rd Nov. 1993, Aged 79 Years
  • Died 23.10.2011, Aged 68
  • Fell Asleep 3rd Nov. 1991 In Her 79th Year
  • 22.3.1912 - 23.11.1993
  • Born 2nd March 1918, Died 21st Nov. 1991
  • Called To Rest 20th Nov. 2017, Aged 90
  • Fell Asleep 21st January 2010 Aged 84
  • At Rest 21.07.1991, Aged 70 Years

  • Devoted Husband, Dad And Grandad
  • Beloved Husband, Father And Grandfather
  • Dearly Loved Husband Of...
  • A Dear Husband, Dad And Brother
  • Beloved Husband Of...
  • Dearly Loved Daughter And Sister
  • Loving Wife, Mother And Grandmother
  • Loving And Devoted Wife, Mum And Nana
  • Our Little Princess
  • A Truly Cherished Son, Brother And Grandson
  • An Irreplaceable Daughter And Sister
  • Loving Wife Of...
  • A Devoted Husband, Dad And Grandad

  • In Gods Keeping
  • Sadly Missed
  • An Inspiration To All
  • So Small, So Sweet, So Soon
  • Resting With Those She Loved
  • Forever In Our Hearts
  • Always In Our Thoughts
  • Safe in the Arms of Jesus
  • At Rest With God/ Rest In Peace
  • Night, Night, God Bless
  • Loving You Always
  • Beautiful Memories Left Behind
  • With Love Always And Forever
  • Always In Our Hearts
  • So Dearly Loved, So Sadly Missed
  • Grant Him Thy Eternal Rest
  • Dearly Loved, Sadly Missed
  • Gone But Not Forgotten
  • We Miss You

  • Our Little Angel
  • Reunited
  • One In A Million
  • Wonderful was your love for us
  • Our Love Is Love Forever
  • Life Is Not Forever. Love Is
  • Gone Fishin’
  • Resting Peacefully
  • Forever In Our Thoughts
  • Rest In Peace
  • God Bless
  • Love Is Eternal
  • Free Spirit
  • Wonderful Was Your Love For Us
  • Remembered Always
  • Loving Memories Last Forever
  • Remembering A Tiny Angel
  • Precious Memories Left Behind
  • Till We Meet Again

  • Memories Are A Golden Chain
    That Bind Us Till We Meet Again
  • A Tiny Flower Lent Not Given,
    To Bud On Earth And
    Bloom In Heaven.
  • His Life A Beautiful Memory,
    His Absence A Silent Grief.
  • Sweet Are The Memories,
    That Never Fade.
  • Our Happiness Together
    Are Memories Forever
  • She Lives With Us In Memory
    And Will For Evermore
  • Gone As The Face We Loved So Dear
    Silent The Voice We Loved To Hear
  • May The Souls Of The Faithful Departed
    Through The Mercy Of God
    Rest In Peace
  • Our Family Chain Is Broken
    Nothing Seems The Same
    But As God Calls Us One By One
    The Links Shall Join Again
  • Your Presence We MissYour Memory We Treasure,
    Loving You Always
    Forgetting You Never.
  • It Broke Our Hearts To Lose You
    But You Did Not Go Alone
    For Part Of Us Went With You
    The Day God Called You Home
  • Deep In My Heart You
    Will Always Stay,
    Loved And Remembered
    Every Day.
  • Gone Are The Days We
    Used To Share
    But In Or Hearts You’re
    Always There
  • No Farewells Were Spoken
    No Time To Say Goodbye,
    You Were Gone Before We Knew It
    And Only God Knows Why.
  • Always In Our Hearts,
    Forever In Our Thoughts.

Example Inscriptions

  • In loving Memory Of
    Our Dear Daughter
    Passed Away 1st Jan. 2010
    Aged 26 Years
  • With Love We Remember
    Died 20th May 2011
    Aged 87 Years
    Dearly loved Dad & Papa
    Beloved Husband Of
  • In Loving Memory Of
    (nee Anderson)
    Passed Away 18th Aug. 2010, Aged 62 Years
    A Dearly Loved Mum, Nana & Sister
    Beloved Wife Of
  • Precious Memories of
    Born 10th July 1927
    Died 19th Oct. 1991
    Devoted Husband,Father & Grandfather
  • Cherished Memories Of
    Died 8th June 2010, Aged 96 Years
    A Dear Mother, Grandmother
    And Great-Grandmother
  • Remembered Always
    Died 8th Dec. 2011, Aged 23 Years
    A Truly Cherished Son,
    Brother And Grandson
  • Our Little Princess
    Fell Sleep 19th Nov. 2009
    Aged 6 Years
    Resting Peacefully
  • In Loving Memory Of
    22nd March 1952 - 23rd Nov. 2015
    Much Loved Mum And Gran
  • My Beautiful Baby
    Peter O'Donnell
    Born Asleep 1st March 2016
    Love Mummy & Daddy xx

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